Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Where is Time Going?

holy mackerel,where does time go anymore?
I have been a little under the weather. A chest cold kicked my asthma(which I hardly acknowledge) into full gear and I have been taking meds to try and breathe properly without coughing up a lung. (Sorry for the graphics) But I am feeling better. My asthma only shows up in wild and sneaky ways, and it caught me this time. I HAVE been able to knit, I have started another felted bag, and finished DH's scarf (and he liked it!!). We celebrated older DS's bday from afar(He is a sophomore at Purdue in Indiana), and DH's birthday. All went fantabulous. Work also started on building our 3 season back porch with a summer porch below it. So, the dogs go wild when they see company-I have been taking them to the dog park double time to wear them out. I am also working on a secret project that I cannot describe here, at least until later sometime. Something exciting(At least I think so...)!!!!
I am also starting to read a new book for "Eden Prairie Reads". It is "The Weight of All Things" by Sandra Benitez......


Amy said...

Oh, I love that Benitez book.

I have asthma too. Sucks, doesn't it?

Melli said...

Well... I didn't find any memories ... but I did find you have knitted some cute projects and like some yummy coffee! :) Take care!

Marcia said...

Sorry you haven't been feeling well. Humidity always does a number on my asthma (since we live in the desert people have been known to make fun of me when I complain of 18% - LOL).

Great that your dh liked his scarf! I'd like to try felting but haven't because I haven't read good things about felting in a front-loader.