Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Scarf

I decided to make my DH a scarf for his birthday and you can see it posted below. It's Rowan Kid Classic and Berroco Super Alpaca 6297. It feels so nice to knit with. I joined Ravelry (Yea!) but I am so new I can't navigate in a timely fashion around that place yet! I listed some of my stash, but there's a lot more to go! I love that place. I am also working on some felted bags and I will post photos of them very soon, and I can't WAIT to start socks!..... DS Alex brought home a stuffed puppy and a journal for "Sallie Junior"(said puppy's name) and has to write in SJ's Travel Journal. It goes home with each 2nd grader in his class. It's so cute! Wouldn't it be awesome to knit up a little sweater for her?? Yes, I do have a life, but going off on tangents is so much more fun.....
Meanwhile back at the ranch, DH is out of town tonight and I am taking full advantage of it!! In other words, I should be in there cleaning up the kitchen, but, hey, it's all good.

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