Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Rainbow. What's Yours?

Your rainbow is strongly shaded violet.


What is says about you: You are a creative person. You appreciate beauty and craftsmanship. You are patient and will keep trying to understand something until you've mastered it.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.

The Dresser I Refinished

Wow, blogger has decided to allow me ACCESS to my blog so I can post again! How lucky am I? (ggrrrgh) So, today I am posting pictures of that dresser bought for $5 in Minnesota. I sanded it a little, refinished it and put new little knobs (not really knobs, but little handles).
It didn't take much sanding, as I was just going to paint it. Wa-la!
Alex likes it, and I like to do stuff like this!!! Love it! Always looking around for what else I can paint or alter!!! (evil laugh).....

Monday, February 23, 2009

My Recipe Collection

har har har, yes, here are some photos of my recipes. In a drawer, and I also have some in a little recipe box, and I have some stuffed in between cookbooks. My goal is to organize them, and have them ready to put in a scrap book form, so I can enjoy seeing them while I cook.....
I love to cook, but lately have been uninspired, so I figure if I menu plan and organize my recipes, it'll be more fun. I really do love to cook, don't know what's up with me the past several months. Saturday we went to some friends' and I made a Strawberry Charlotte Russe, Eclairs, and Enchiladas Suizas. YUM.. The 2 desserts were first tries and were wonderful; the enchiladas I make all the time. I found a blog entitled Vintage Mommy, and I love that title! I love her blog as well!! And I LOVE the feet picture she has in the title!!! Vintage is a nice word...and better than some of the synonyms I looked up!! LOL
I also tried to start another blog because I am getting so disgusted with blogger...I tried Wordpress but I am unsure....

Monday, February 16, 2009

Our Dogs and Cat in Their Christmas Best

OK, I finally got the pictures for the dogs Christmas garb. I even changed my profile picture to reflect that. Here they are! Maya's picture turned out dark, Lalo's is fine, and Frankie's (cat) is ok too. I also have dresser pics but Blogger is making me almost scream so I might even be changing my blog soon to a different one...keep ya posted! Thanks for looking.
p.s. Can you tell Maya is terribly camera shy??? :) poor girl. She is a sweetheart!

Monday, February 9, 2009


OK! I am going to have an organizing project for February. You can see the site by clicking on the button here on the left side of my blog. I missed January, (boo hoo) BUT the end of February, if done correctly, will find my recipes, all 90 million of them organized! So, I am just adding this little piece of business to my life, which is really positive, and hopefully will be beneficial to the smooth running of things around here. Once recipes are organized, maybe I'll be able to take the next step, and REALLY menu plan..........

February 9

Hasn't been quite a month, but almost! Facebook, I tell you, is in competition here. Spring Break Plans are already shaping up and little guy really wants to go to Disneyland again....this time with a trip to Universal Studios. So, we will do that in mid March.
Knitting? Well, yes, that. I love my yarn........I want to start a pair of socks again, but there are all kinds of excuses getting in the way! I also joined a Malabrigo Yarn Club, and we are getting our second shipment, mine should come next week, and I think it's a sweater! So, here we go! I love to see what other people are working on. Wish I knew more knitters down here in Scottsdale and Phoenix.
I painted Alex's bedroom a lovely khaki tan...it looks much better than it did. I am refinishing his dresser, the one I bought at Savers in Minneapolis for $5!.......I am painting it black and I bought very cool silver/pewter drawer pulls at a garage sale the other day --the owner is a designer and gosh, she had gobs of fun stuff! I bought bolts of designer fabric for $2 -$5 a roll! And cool trims! (anyways, Alex wanted red and black walls-so I'm giving him a black dresser instead)- and Russell is going to put up his Devin Hester (Chicago Bears) giant wall decal (I can't remember what they're called right now) -A life-size decal of the wondrous football player is all I know for sure.
Oh, and I got my hair all cut off and colored one color (espresso) instead of highlights...kind of short, yes, but it'll grow. Hubby says it really is nice other than that he likes long hair better, in general... he is so nice about it! It really is a nice cut, but I miss my hair to tell you the truth!
Today, I also plan to get out there and get on the elliptical ......
What else? Spent an hour at the library this morning perusing books for Alex to read and also looking at cookbooks. So, I have been busy, I also bought fabric and trim for some different window coverings in my studio downstairs. I want to paint the walls, too. I have a lot to do down there, in terms of organizing and decorating. The fabric I got is wondrous. Where is my camera, again??? I didn't lie when I said I'd post photos, I just haven't gotten there yet!
Well, I'm off. Have a blessed day!