Friday, June 20, 2008

Off to Arizona

We are leaving tomorrow to find a new house! Hope it goes well. I have been knitting some little things for mom's knitted babes dolls--she doesn't know about the three new ones yet...I wanted to get them fully dressed before I send them back to her! I made a swimsuit and some undies for one of them.
These pictures are placed a little strangely... can't get them to behave. Don't have time right now to fix them,but I will later!

Friday, June 13, 2008

It's Beautiful

A beautiful day! Perfect! Took the dogs to the dog park while we had people looking at our house..yes....we are moving!! We are moving back to sunny Scottsdale AZ this summer. We are excited, as we have friends there and we miss them! So, the cleaning and organizing and fluffing and froofing of the house has been taking place! So, it's a good thing. I am working on some knitted babe dolls, and also a cami for daughter and getting ready to start a summer sweater. Things are in a bit of a frenzy, though, with the moving thing nearly upon us. We'll go house hunting next week for 9 days, then come home, have lots of company for the 4th of July, and go to a family reunion together in Iowa. Found a pattern for a really cute 4th of July bib . Isn't it adorable?

Friday, June 6, 2008


Today is Friday, June 6. Still blustery, 64 degrees or so, cold and windy. Is there spring? Summer? It's almost fall ......just kidding. I have all but given up hope. One day we will wake up and we'll have to get the saddles out to put on the giant mosquitoes...and it will be humid as all get me be positive about the weather, please....
Well, yesterday was younger son's last day of school! yippee! I am working on a couple of knitting projects at the same time and have to admit that I have kind of been wandering off from my knitting projects. Things have been very busy and I can't sit down long enough to enjoy knitting. Tonight son and DH are going to a Father/Son Camp-In at our church!! They will have fun! Let's see, Yesterday I made Pecan Parmesan Crusted Salmon and rice with peas. It was good. What else? Younger son had pizza at a neighbor's end of year party. They had a big jumpy thing in their yard, and water balloons, fun and games, although it poured for a lot of the time. They had a blast just the same! He went over again this morning to extend the fun....!!