Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Beef Burgundy Stew

OK, now I am going to share a very delicious dinner. Beef Burgundy Stew, taken from my Southern Living Slow Cooker Cookbook. The bottom photo is of the beef browning ( you cook a little bacon and brown a little beef before adding it to the crock pot). After that, you put the rest of the ingredients in, and "wha-la!" you have dinner. A delicious one, at that. Add a salad and some crusty hot bread, and you're in business.The top photo is of the ingredients right after I put them into the slow cooker.


Anonymous said...

Oh, YUM. I need to get that book. I'm always trying to find good ways to use the crock pot.

Melli said...

Mmmmmm.... boy that looks yummy! Mind if I dish out a bowl? I just came by looking for your trip down memory lane! Must be at one of your other blogs! I'll go see! :)