Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Raggedy Anne....

Here is a photo of the pincushion I sent to my pincushion swap partner. I make folk dolls, and she mentioned that she likes Raggedy Anne, and, although this pincushion is sewn, not knit, I made it anyway! Well, I DID use yarn for the hair!! Hope she loves it as much as I do! Here are some photos:

Also, I made her a little card with Raggedy Anne and Andy on the front:

I'm getting in the mood for doll making now!!


Aunt Kathy said...

Maria those are awesome. You are so talented

camillaknits said...

Now I have to go dig 'Calypso' out of hiding. A friend made her out of old cutter quilt pieces with button eyes and raggy fabric bits for hair. She's a pincushion, too, but I was always afraid one of the kids would walk off with her and wind up with a pin in their foot... but I could take her to the shop with me!
Have you made one of the 'Waldorf' style babies? Made of cotton, stuffed with wool, and a crafty wig of mohair, they are so much fun to create. (Now if I could just get one or two made by Christmas.) Dropped by from the coffee swap. Have a wonderful week! C

Annalea said...

Hi Maria,

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog and leaving a comment. :o) I find that once my kids get it through their heads that soap is only touched with a dry hand so it doesn't melt (i.e. "Don't waste expensive soap!"), it all works itself out from there.

I'm curious . . . which Coffee Swap? Did someone mention me over there? (I recognize Cami in the comments--I read her blog, too.) I don't drink coffee, so I wondered. ;o) Loooooove the smell of good coffee, though!

Have a good one!

Marcia said...

Oh she is so cute! I love her.