Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wednesday, Fairy Day?

Here were are, Wednesday, and I must get down to the craft room and clean. It's the only room where there are still way too many boxes. Can't walk or do anything in there, and I know that the cords to my printer and speakers must be down there somewhere! Still have to unpack some boxes to fill the curio cabinet upstairs, and finish the dining room. I did finally put the Tupperware- type stuff away. Then I have to dust, vacuum , clean the bathrooms...Arghhh, can't I just call the magic moving fairy to come?

OOPS! This one above is not her! Where could she be?

or is she this one, on the left????
If this is a possibility, it could be grave, because it appears as though she is TRAPPED in a glass case....well, I have to say that dreaming of magical fairies who do your housework is nice, even though I don't really believe in fairies, they are fun to imagine....especially because instead, I know that I could be here with these sturdy waschfrauen women: Well, now, how do I really feel about all of this??? This next picture says a lot, and yes, I am on my way to the front lines to do the washing, scrubbing, cleaning, organizing, and fluffing of it all:
And with this, I bid you adieu. You know, if this little blog had more readers, or more readers who commented, I maybe just could have a little accountability action of now, I can sit back and eat bon bons and nobody will know....


Gr8AuntieM said...

OH SnAp!!! The fAiRiEs are here! Better hide those bon bon's!

Aunt Kathy said...

I am here to read. You made me laugh today, I needed that. Life's been a bummer this week

Corinne said...

Hey, I love your new background, it looks great! I need me some fairies to do the housework and the food shopping......and then I can actually sit down and eat me some bon-bon's!!