Sunday, February 17, 2008

Longing For Spring Swap Questions

  1. Do you knit or crochet? How long have you been at your craft? Knit, about 2 years
  2. What are your favorite yarns/fibers? What are your least favorite yarns/fibers? merino wool, wool/silk blends, sock yarn. Least favorite are scratchy type acrylics. Not so many novelty yarns, either.
  3. What are your favorite colors? What are your least favorite colors?Favs are vibrant colors, blues, teals, purples pinks, magenta, violet, lavender, greens, reds....;)
  4. What ‘warm weather’ project are you looking forward to making this year? I'm thinking a summer sweater, and also continuing knitting hats, mittens and so forth for charity.
  5. What are you favorite scents? Least favorite? Love patchouli, spicy scents, and some perky type flower scents. Don't care for rose.
  6. What is your favorite flower? hhmmmm all of them! like pink tulips
  7. What are you favorite spring time hobbies/activities? walking, gardening(but not too much), reading, watching my son's basketball, baseball and soccer games
  8. Do you have a garden? If you do, tell us a little about it. Do you like to plant flowers or vegetables? A little patch....I always plant lots of herbs and jalapeƱos, and sometimes tomatoes. Flowers, yes of course!!
  9. What are your favorite sweets? Jordan Almonds, fruit, Chessmen butter cookies from Pepperidge Farm, caramel corn
  10. Do you collect anything? I like strange and artsy stuff, art and unusual stamps, like from Somerset Studio and Stampington and Co. Magazines. I also like little pigs and sheep.
  11. Do you have any allergies? no
  12. Do you have any pets?YES! 2 wonderful dogs, Maya and Lalo, and a nice kitty named Frankie

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