Sunday, February 20, 2011

I get up, I get dressed....

I get up, I get dressed...... I check my email, and Facebook. Facebook? Why Facebook? I love to play games the most, but they suck the energy out of me. They are fun to play, but they stifle my mind into this little box of crops or whatever. Very sick if you really think about it. Hypnotizing the masses...well, that's a little severe but not too severe... so I am seriously thinking of hitting the "delete"button on that whole thing. I have more creative and enterprising ideas that I can plan for.
Other news: Saw "The Green Hornet" last night with 11 year old and not sure if I liked it. It was incredibly stupid, but funny, lots of action.... I left kind of scratching my head. Still want to see "The Eagle" and a few more...

Am going to take 11 year old ds horseback riding at Arizona Cowboy College. He has been wanting to ride a horse for some time... I used to ride now and then, and it is so fun.

Other news: slow progress on knitting older son's beanie... will post.

note: ds= dear son, dd=dear daughter, dh=dear husband
I know you already probably know that, though.

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