Sunday, February 13, 2011


Valentine's Date Night was a blast. The movie was mediocre. We saw "The Mechanic". I mean, it was good, but not really good. The Gold Class seats at iPic theater here were very nice, like our theater room seats. Yes, they offered a blanket and pillow, and complimentary popcorn which was good. They had a good looking food menu, but, since we had just eaten, we weren't very hungry. I don't know if I like that idea, anyway...eating real food in a theater? Even though each seat has a little swing-out table, and a place between every two seats to hold a bottle of wine, I don't really like smelling and hearing someone eat food near me when I am trying to concentrate on the movie. I mean, real food smells like balsamic vinegar and feta cheese and grilled chicken smells...and the crunching that goes along with all that. Besides, how can they see their food? It's beyond me, a little crazy.

So, I started knitting a slouchy beanie for Andres, and I am using some Cascade 220 in a light brown color. Seems fine so far. I started it at Alex's basketball game yesterday. He had 2 games, at 3 and 5.

So, too, tomorrow my dear love Russell has to leave again for work. It will be sad, and I will have to comfort Alex the best I can. This traveling is hard on all of us.

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