Friday, August 7, 2009

Wow, it's been FOREVER

Well, I have many times sat down and said, "Oh, geez, I really should post something here on my blog..." but failed to accomplish that... So much has happened this summer that I just dropped the ball. I really do love this little blog, but STUFF was on my mind so , anyways, blah, blah, blah......
That reminds me. The other day I took Alex to the eye doctor for a check up before school starts. We found that he needs glasses just to see the board, not always....we were in the exam room laughing and talking with the doctor, and we came out and sat down, and when I told him we'd try on some frames, he didn't quite get it...I asked him "Didn't you hear us talking about you needing glasses to see the board?" and he replied, "No! All I heard was 'blah blah blah blah blah...'" I said, "Oh, so you just heard 'adultspeak' language and not what we were talking about?" "Yeah." He was thankful that he doesn't have to wear them all the time. He was so shocked when I asked him to try on frames!! lol.
Well Karin starts teaching reading and writing to fourth graders in Houston in a few weeks! How exciting. I am excited for her! She will be a great teacher. Andres is working hard in Indiana, and Alex starts fourth grade this coming Monday! He and Russell are going on a Father-Son camping trip with our church. Russell is the speaker there.
My mom and dad and sister Marta need your prayers, please. My mom has now had her 3rd lower back surgery since June. They really need to figure out what is going wrong here, this just isn't right. Marta is there holding down the fort and staying with my mom and keeping my dad company. It's tough, Marta is a miracle. She has been there since the 2nd surgery on July 8 all the way from Michigan. I was there (in Albuquerque) a couple of times but my stays have been limited because I have to be here, too. Thanks for your prayers. Much appreciated.
This weekend when the boys go up to the mountains camping, I plan on painting and organizing my studio (craft room) downstairs. I don't like to really call it a craft room because that is too generic. I am not making stuff for a bazaar, but I create original works of art--hence--I call it a studio. Capiche? Well, if I get that done this weekend then I deserve a pat on the back, because we have lived here a year now and the room looks like a storage room. (Dare I take before and after pictures???)
On the other hand, depending on how my mom and dad and sis are doing, I may jump on a plane for Albuquerque. Depending.
Peace to you, my friends.

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Rachel Anne said...

I completely think "studio" sounds way better than "craft room." Hey, art is serious business. Your site is lovely to look at, and it looks like you dabble in all the stuff I love as well. Kindred spirits.

Thanks for joining in for coffee at Home Sanctuary!