Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Birthday Fun

I forgot to tell you that hubby gave me a SURPRISE Birthday Party!! Here... My 2 sisters from Michigan flew in for Thanksgiving (Hubby's family was also here) and they gave me a surprise party after a long day of shopping the day after Thanksgiving! It was so awesome, very fun! Older son is a musician and wrote me a song and played it for me and framed it as well, daughter painted me a picture with colors that reminded her of me and gave me a spa gift certificate. It was so fun, I am so blessed. Above is a picture of the cake!! Wow!! Love it! I am knitting in the picture! ha ha !very cute......and below is a picture of my car after one of my neighbors came over........hmmm..... :) !!

Overall, had a wonderful time, and just loved seeing everyone!!!

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Joanne said...

Happy belated birthday Maria! Love the cake!