Thursday, November 15, 2007


I finally finished 2 more felted bags. I just have to sew on the beads. I will post pics when they are fully complete. Now they are drying..... I started the sweater I promised my mother, it's a miniature red sweater for a doll I made for her.
I'm sure wishing I had a better camera. The photos I take are not too, would that be the camera,or the photographer? heh heh
Spoke to older son last night and he is coming home with friend from Purdue on Monday. Older daughter is coming home Wednesday night, she and friend are flying in from Tucson. DH's 2 sisters and families are coming, also, for Thanksgiving. Very exciting, you know. I love to cook for everyone and just have a lot of people around!!!
Confession: I have never knit a sweater, I knit a cool poncho, which I should also take a picture of, anyway, someone once told me that if I knit these little sweaters, then I can knit a person sized sweater with no that true?

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Joanne said...

Sure you can do a sweater! Doing a little one, will give you practice too. By the way, your pics are great!